Samsung Hauzen VC-RE70V Vacuum is Roomba's Clever Cousin

Illustration for article titled Samsung Hauzen VC-RE70V Vacuum is Roombas Clever Cousin

As well as hanging out with attractive women on the bed, Samsung's new Hauzen VC-RE70V robot vacuum has some clever tech inside. It actually uses a camera to generate a map of your room, so it knows where it has already cleaned. When it's low on juice it hunts down its charging base for power, and then zooms back to where it had got to before. Of course it also does obstacle avoidance with 15 sensors, but that's not as cool as the mapping function. If it had internet connectivity, it'd be the sort of thing you'd end up watching for hours as it zipped around your home ... well, maybe. Out in Korea this month, we don't know the price. [i4u and Akihabaranews]

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Anything has to be smarter than my Roomba. I keep having to remove it's battery to reflash it's brain. First it stopped docking. It would just line up about 3' in front of the and just sit there staring at the dock until it ran out of juice. Then it started doing this thing where it backs up to a wall or piece of furniture and does this reverse humping thing up against it until it gets it's butt stuck up on the wall with it's wheels off the ground. Then it starts beeping at me to help it — like I'm going to help it when it's butt-humping all the walls and furniture ...