We haven't really looked at the Samsung E420, aka the Lily, because, well, it's a girls' phone and if you couldn't already tell, girls intimidate us. Be that as it may, the dames over at Shiny Shiny took a super in-depth look at it and came away unimpressed, calling the camera "dreadful," saying that the ringtones are "awful" and derided the fact that it's really only appropriate for 15-year-old girls. (So it's perfect for Travis, then.) It comes with a bottle of perfume too, perhaps to mask the phone's stench. It is pretty, but looks only go so far in the world of cellphones. (Oh, wait...) No stateside release date just yet, which right now doesn't seem to be a bad thing.

Shiny Review: Samsung Lily [Shiny Shiny]


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