Samsung Omnia II Examined: Looks Okay, But Why the Resistive Touchscreen?

Samsung's going the HTC route with Windows Mobile on its new AMOLED-packing Omnia II by cramming its own TouchWiz interface into every nook and cranny of WinMo. has a thorough walkthrough of the hardware and TouchWiz for your perusal.

Warning: Elevator/porno music accompanies this video. It's not NSFW, but we could well see it accompanying material that is.

The Omnia II has a huge AMOLED touchscreen, measuring 3.7 inches, but why Samsung chose to go resistive instead of capacitive for the screen is anyone's guess. Performance in the video seems okay, but the slight lag is disappointing given the Omnia's 800MHz processor. The interface seems nice enough if you're tired of HTC's TouchFLO UI, I guess, and the phone's specs aren't too bad (5MP camera, up to 16GB storage, good video codec support). Overall it should be a fine addition to Verizon's lineup, but it's bound to get overshadowed by the upcoming Android releases. [ via Engadget]

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