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Samsung OmniaHD and BeatDisc Phones Feature HD, Widgets

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Some official pics discovered today have taken the lid off two new Samsung phones, the OmniaHD and its musically inclined sibling, the BeatDisc.

The folks at Samsung Central are somewhat perplexed by the big reveal, however. The UI looks very Windows Mobile, when what it should resemble is the S60 5th Edition.


The OmniaHD's screen also doesn't look very "HD" either, they say, although it's just a render so we'll have to wait for the real deal. The saving grace could be the "widgets" that the OmniaHD is confirmed to use, although that could just mean weather and stock prices on demand. We'll see.

As for the BeatDisc, it's a phone that's designed to play music and make calls. More to come on these two handsets as MWC gets underway, I'm sure. [Samsung Central]