Samsung Reclaim QWERTY Ecophone Is Ostentatiously Green, $50 On Sprint

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Choosing which aspect of the Samsung Sprint Reclaim is most important will depend heavily on your worldview. Is it that the handset is made from environmentally-friendly bioplastics? That it's Sprint's first 3G QWERTY phone to touch $50 on contract?


Take your pick, ruthless capitalist/unpleasant hippie! On the green front, 80% of its building materials are corn-fed and recyclable (the other 20% presumably vaporize baby pandas on contact), it doesn't come with a paper manual, and its recyclable packaging uses soy-based ink. (!) It's also painted green or blue, just in case the phone's "deal" wasn't already clear to you and your friends, and each purchase nets a land conservation charity a few bucks.

On the phone front, this is a slide-out-QWERTY-equipped dumphone, with Sprint's in-house OS and the One Click social-networking-oriented user interface. A 2MP camera, GPS and expandable storage and Bluetooth 2.0 round the specs out. It's nothing spectacular, but this Pre-like phone (wannaPre?) is also just $50 with a two-year contract on Sprint, after a small stack of rebates. Available from August 16th; full press release below. [Sprint]

Sprint Expands Environmental Leadership with New Initiatives and Debut of Eco-Friendly Samsung Reclaim

Available for less than $50, Samsung Reclaim is the most full-featured eco-friendly phone in the U.S.; Purchases of Samsung Reclaim benefit The Nature Conservancy's Adopt an Acre program

Sprint retail stores to feature green products and services section; Sustainable design blueprint announced for future Sprint-owned store builds and refurbishments

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. & DALLAS—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Sprint (NYSE:S) is making it easier than ever for customers to "go green" with new eco-friendly products, services and programs and expanding its commitment as a leader in sustainability. Available on Aug. 16, Sprint and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the #1 mobile phone provider in the U.S.1, today announced Samsung Reclaim™ as the first phone in the U.S. constructed from eco-friendly bio-plastic materials. Made from 80 percent recyclable materials, Samsung Reclaim is a feature-rich messaging phone that offers environmentally conscious customers a perfect blend of responsibility without sacrificing the latest in network speeds and must-have features.

Reclaim is the most full-featured QWERTY phone launched by Sprint at less than $50. It will be available on August 16 in all Sprint retail channels, including Best Buy, Radio Shack, Web ( and telesales (1-800-SPRINT1) for just $49.99 with a two-year service agreement after a $30 instant rebate and a $50 mail-in rebate (taxes and service charges excluded). It will be available at Wal-Mart in early September.

When customers purchase Samsung Reclaim from Sprint, $2 of the proceeds will benefit The Nature Conservancy's Adopt an Acre program, which supports land conservation across the United States and protects some of the world's most beautiful and important natural habitats.

"This generous donation from Sprint will help us protect and restore some of America's most beautiful and ecologically-important landscapes for future generations to enjoy," said Mark Tercek, president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. "We applaud Sprint's sustainability efforts, as innovation and new technology are crucial to the future of conservation."

Sprint is also launching several new environmental initiatives in an effort to support its aggressive long-term environmental goals:

* Sprint is the first U.S. wireless carrier to establish a set of environmental design criteria for future devices and accessories.
* Sprint is implementing a series of new environmentally-responsible retail initiatives including adding a dedicated display area in stores that highlights Sprint's commitment to eco-friendly products and accessories.
* Sprint is committing to reduce paper usage by 30 percent during the next five years.

"Sprint is widely recognized as a leader among telecommunications companies in environmentally-responsible initiatives, and today we are proud to announce an even stronger commitment to sustainability with new eco-friendly products and programs," said Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO. "Samsung Reclaim enables customers to go green while getting the latest in wireless technology. When customers walk into a Sprint retail store, they will be greeted by the information they need to make earth-friendly wireless choices, coupled with Ready Now to learn about the rich functionality of this device."

An eco-friendly overachiever, Samsung Reclaim from Sprint is designed with environmentally-responsible components and fully recyclable packaging, making it the perfect wireless phone for the eco-conscious consumer.

* Its bio-plastic material, made from corn, makes up 40 percent of the Reclaim's outer casing. Samsung Reclaim is free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), phthalates, and nearly free of brominated flame retardants (BFR): three materials commonly targeted on green electronics guidelines.
* The outer packaging and the phone tray inside the box are made from 70 percent recycled materials. The images and text on the box as well as the phone warranty information are printed with soy-based ink.
* The typical thick paper user manual has been replaced with a virtual manual that users can access at
* The charger is Energy Star approved for meeting the highest energy efficiency standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. It consumes 12 times less power than the Energy Star standard for standby power consumption and is equipped with a visible notification to alert the user to unplug the handset once it's fully charged.

"Samsung Reclaim is more than just an eco-friendly device, it's also a powerful and stylish phone that's easy-to-use," said Omar Khan, senior vice president of Strategy and Product Management for Samsung Mobile. "When you combine the Reclaim's impressive feature set with its bio-plastic hardware and eco-friendly packaging, you're using a phone that is good for you and the environment."

Operating on America's most dependable 3G network2, Samsung Reclaim boasts One Click, Sprint's award-winning customizable user interface with quick access to such social networks as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube. A new green One Click tile makes its debut on Reclaim providing the gateway to several green applications including:

* Five Simple Steps from Discovery Channel provides five simple changes you can make to be more eco-friendly, from how you commute to what you eat for dinner;
* Green Guides from Discovery Channel offers handy guides to help you green your lives with ease, and understand why;
* Green Glossary from Discovery Channel provides words and explanations about the Earth and Climate Change; and
* All Things Green, a Sprint Web category contains dynamic green headline and links to downloadable content.

Customers don't have to sacrifice the latest in technology to be environmentally-friendly with Reclaim. The stylish, full-featured phone offers:

* a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard making it easy to access personal or corporate email as well as text and multimedia messaging;
* Sprint Navigation with Search, providing easy access to directory information and GPS-enabled directions;
* 2 megapixel camera with 3x digital zoom and camcorder;
* advanced stereo Bluetooth® 2.0;
* expandable memory storage up to 32GB;
* an integrated Web browser; and
* two color options - Earth Green and Ocean Blue.

Sprint currently offers more eco-friendly accessories than any other U.S. telecommunications company. In May, Sprint announced the availability of new eco-friendly accessories, including the SOLIO Mono solar-powered charger and two new cell phone carrying cases made from 100 percent recycled plastic water bottles.

Sprint's green-themed website,, details Sprint's green mobile applications and helps customers learn about Sprint's sustainability initiatives, including online bill pay, wireless recycling programs and acquiring green tips, such as using mobile GPS to calculate the quickest route to save gas. Customers can receive Sprint updates on specific company-wide environmentally-responsible initiatives on Twitter via @SprintGreenNews and can visit for additional green tips.

Beginning in September, all Sprint-owned retail locations will feature a new dedicated environmentally-responsible section that highlights eco-friendly products and accessories such as the SOLIO Solar Charger and carrying cases made from recycled materials. Sprint also will implement a new sustainable design blueprint for all future Sprint-owned retail store builds and refurbishments.

New and refurbished stores will implement numerous sustainable design elements consistent with LEED design standards, and will include energy-efficient lighting, low water usage plumbing fixtures and low VOC paint and carpet. The roll out of these energy efficiency upgrades is expected to reduce the carbon footprint of each store by about 19,000 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalents.

Sprint's Environmental Product Design Criteria Vision Statement applies to all products sold in Sprint channels. Sprint will work with its device and accessory suppliers to design and provide products that:

* Reduce the use of potentially hazardous materials,
* Are energy efficient,
* Include standardized audio and charging interfaces,
* Are more recyclable, and
* Have more sustainable packaging including standardized sizes, reduced weight, increased recyclability rate, and increased recycled content.

Sprint also will work with its suppliers to measure and report on the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes.


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I feel indifferent about using the word 'Green' everywhere. I've always been very environmentally conscious (although not hardcore treehugger type) and I both like and dislike the way the word 'Green' is thrown around. In many respects, it's great that environmentally friendly is the hip new thing to do. But is it now just going to be a fad that will soon go away? Are companies just using the word 'Green' in their product advertisments to boost their sales? It would be better if people really understood all the environmental impacts they have rather than just jumping on the 'green' bandwagon and deciding to buy things just because the manufacturers claim that it's a green product.

*Note: I do like what Samsung has done with this phone though and the donation to the Nature Conservancy but then again it's only one product out of thousands that they sell and was likely just created for sprint as a marketing tool to capture the consumers currently wanting to jump on the Green bandwagon.