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Samsung Releases 8GB moviNAND, Prepares Chip To Control Human Brains

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In its latest move to take over the world, the korean conglomerate and soon-to-be-intergalactic-empire Samsung has released yet another product: a new 8 GB flash NAND memory. Their moviNAND chip contains four 50-nanometer 16 Gbit modules and a high-speed MultiMediaCard controller, which allows for 52 megabytes per second transfers. According to our new galactic overlords them, the moviNAND 16 GB is 10 to 20% smaller than current 4 GB flash memories, has low-noise interference for use in cellphones and probably some kind radio brain controller to ease humanity's concerns about Samsung taking all over the world. Or at least my concerns, because I don't care if they invade the planet as soon as I get my 100 GB solid-state video iPod soon.