Samsung SGH-F520 Cellphone Slides Up and Down, Side to Side: Rubik's and iPhone Clone?

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Samsung SGH-F520 is the iPhone fighter F700's lil' brother.

Kinda. It may have a lower model number, but it has a slightly bigger 3-inch touchscreen, and an insano side to side, up and down slider: Only a rubik's cube has more moves than this phone. The cam only has a 3MP cam, compared to the F700's 5MPs. We'd take either one, but they're both locked away in display cases here at, Samsung even matched the iPhone's look-no-touch cased in glass vapor launch.


Spec smatter after the jump.

900/1800/1900 MHz + 2.1GHz


3 Megapixel with Flash

262,144 TFT (3", 480x272)

Full Touch Screen Dual Slider




Flash Interface

Full HTML Browser