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Samsung SGH-F520 Cellphone Slides Up and Down, Side to Side: Rubik's and iPhone Clone?

Illustration for article titled Samsung SGH-F520 Cellphone Slides Up and Down, Side to Side: Rubiks and iPhone Clone?

Samsung SGH-F520 is the iPhone fighter F700's lil' brother.

Kinda. It may have a lower model number, but it has a slightly bigger 3-inch touchscreen, and an insano side to side, up and down slider: Only a rubik's cube has more moves than this phone. The cam only has a 3MP cam, compared to the F700's 5MPs. We'd take either one, but they're both locked away in display cases here at, Samsung even matched the iPhone's look-no-touch cased in glass vapor launch.


Spec smatter after the jump.

900/1800/1900 MHz + 2.1GHz


3 Megapixel with Flash

262,144 TFT (3", 480x272)

Full Touch Screen Dual Slider




Flash Interface

Full HTML Browser

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I can see it sliding down to reveal a keyboard, but what is the point on the kaypad? It's a 3 inch touch screen, there is no need for this sort of redundancy, is there?

Eh, who cares, it won't be released in this country anyway! (That would be the US).

Or maybe it's just the taste.