Samsung to Demo 4G Tech, Blazin' Fast Mobile Data Transfer Speeds

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Forget 3G, let's just jump to 4G, mobile data transfer technology that Samsung will demonstrate at its annual Samsung 4G Forum in Korea. The 4G spec could be capable of a blazing 1Gbps data throughput speed. That's 50 times faster than WiMax technology that's expected to be in play by late 2007. Samsung says it will hold the 4G demo in a bus moving at 60kph, showing multi-cell handover at a data speed of 100Mbps. That's not 1Gbps, but still.


Don't get all excited just yet, though; those gut-wrenching speeds aren't expected to be commercially available until 2010. Even so, Samsung is hoping to somehow herd all of these cats, companies that will use this technology someday, hopefully alleviating another Blu-ray versus HD DVD-type scenario.

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