Samsung's Anycall Haptic Phone: 22 Ways to Say "I Feel You"

Illustration for article titled Samsung's Anycall Haptic Phone: 22 Ways to Say "I Feel You"

Samsung's latest introduction, the SCH-W420/W4200 in the video below, is a slender, iPhone-like handset with a 3.2" touchscreen, a lively user interface, and the kind of force feedback that the LG Prada phone could only dream of.

With just three actual buttons at the bottom, it relies mainly on a touch interface that you can customize (if you know Korean), with drag-and-drop desktop building. In the force feedback dept., it uses a vocabulary of 22 different vibrations to simulate actual feels and actions. When you see a volume knob for the radio and reach to turn it, you hear and feel the clicks of an old-timey dial.


The phone, which includes a terrestrial broadcast TV receiver, is going to sell for $700 to $800 and is Korea only—but for how long? Bring it, Sammy! We're waiting. [AP; NewLaunches]



That kicks ass!!! Because turning a knob is much more intuitive for turning up volume than just sliding my finger across the screen.

Haptic feedback will be like Urkel on Family Matters; a clever novelty that adds some minor enjoyment to an otherwise bland package that after about a week will grate at your every nerve until you find some way to eliminate it.