Samsung's Laptop Webcams Will Shoot 1080p Video

To my knowledge the only fullHD webcams available are external ones—so Samsung's CMOS sensors could prove a hit for people not wanting to fork out extra for a webcam. True, you'd have to buy a Samsung laptop though...

The CMOS sensors, by the name of S5K6A1 and S5K5B3, can both record 1080p video at 30fps, with the first model shooting on a 1.3MP sensor and the latter model a 2.1MP sensor. The ability to decrease resolution is included, for moments when your internet speed isn't up to par, and the 2.1MP sensor also has an EDoF, or enhanced depth of field function, for recording business cards so it can be translated into text.


You won't see them in laptops until later this year, however—but if Samsung laptops float your boat, it may be worth jotting those sensor names down and asking when it's time to upgrade if the new shiny model has one of the upgraded webcams in it. [SlashGear]

UPDATE: True, the 1.3MP sensor will likely rely on upscaling to get to that 1080p claim. Not recommended, obviously.


Image Credit: MadUncle

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