Illustration for article titled Samsungs NC10 Leaps Aboard the 10-inch Netbook Bandwagon, Is Bacteria-Phobic

Samsung is the latest to join the UMPC/netbook party with the NC10, though it's wrapping its tiny notebook with PR spin that it's "a stylish alternative to existing products in the space." There's a 10.2-inch/1024 x 600-pixel screen, Atom processor, 8-hour battery life, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, memory card reader, and 80GB or 160GB HDD. Its "normal" sized keyboard is even sprinkled with nano silver particles to keep bacteria at bay. It's due to hit the shops in October (in the UK at least) with pricing up to $590. Oh, and that "stylish" thing? It's probably 'cause it looks really shiny. [PocketLint and Akihabaranews]


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