Samsung has announced the details of their upcoming HP-T5894W 58-inch plasma HDTV, notable for the fact that it wirelessly connects to an A/V center. This lets you mount it up on the wall without having to worry about drilling holes and running cables to keep things nice and pretty. We've heard about a similar TV from Samsung, with the notable difference being the previous one came loaded with a built-in hard drive for recording shows. Either that's a separate model that'll come out alongside this one or they dropped the hard drive and changed the name. We'll see

In any case, this one's got 1080p resolution, a very nice 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and 3 HDMI 1.3 ports. The TV connects to the A/V center via a 802.11n connection at 150Mbps and a 300 foot range, which will allow you to keep your TV in a totally separate room as all your components if you so desire. Not that there's any real reason to do that, but just knowing you can is nice. Look for the HP-T5894W to drop in September for $5,699.


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