Samurai Jack Creator on Season 5's Opening: 'VROOOOOOOM BLAMABLAMABLAMABLAM'

Normally you should never send a producer to do a voice actor’s job... except when it comes to Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovsky.


At last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Tartakovsky brought some footage from the latest season of Samurai Jack, which is currently airing on Adult Swim. He couldn’t actually show any of it, so instead he described the footage like he would during a “pitch session” to a network. While he watched it on his computer, he relayed the scene’s dialogue (“AAAAAAAAAAAA!”), sound effects (“CHIH-CHIH-CHIH-CHIH-CHIH”), and action (“SQUEEEEEEENG, spikes”) to the increasingly elated audience.

YouTuber Alex Bennington has since taken the commentary from last year’s SDCC panel and added it to its matching scene, giving an altogether amazing scene an otherworldly quality of god-like perfection. This whole five-minute video needs to be watched in its entirety, on repeat, for all time. Plus, it basically proves that Tartakovsky now needs to narrate the whole damn show.


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I wish S5 was binge watchable cause I neeeed the rest of it in my veins right now!