Sandisk Replaces CDs With SlotMusic MicroSDs With Big-Name MP3 Albums Aboard

Illustration for article titled Sandisk Replaces CDs With SlotMusic MicroSDs With Big-Name MP3 Albums Aboard

Sandisk's slotMusic cards are not much more than tweaked 1GB microSD cards with a logo and a special USB-compatible sled: but the fact that they'll carry albums from big names like BMI Music, Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group makes them interesting. They'll also be DRM free too, which is a pleasant surprise. It's an attempt to change the way some people buy MP3s—you'll get a card you can slot into your cellphone or PC with high-quality MP3s (up to 320kbps), artwork, videos and such, which you can also reuse as a 1GB memory card later, and that's kinda handy.


It's impossible to say how these'll work in the market where instant and convenient downloads are a click away, since you'll have to either buy one in a physical store, or purchase them online and wait for them to come in the mail.

But you can guess that downloading market is why the music biz is trying to grab back control of at least some of their music sales. There's no official data on pricing, but word is it'll compare to existing CD albums, and a list of titles will hit in time for the holiday season. [SlotMusic]


This seems like a good idea for music sales.

yet, I would rather hold my whole musical collection on my ipod than have to hotswap one of these thousand mini-SD cards (which are impossible to lose :P).

This would be a better option for movies instead of music. -but then again, soon you will never see hard copies of movies either.