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Sanitizer-Dispensing Door Handles Ensure Hospital Staff Stay Clean

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When you work in an environment that's all about battling germs, bacteria, and disease, common sense dictates that you should always keep your hands clean. But that's easier said than done, at least until these clever PullClean sanitizer dispensing door handles are installed in every hospital, doctor's office, and clinic around the world.

Using the PullClean handles is really no easier than the hand sanitizer dispensers already in use in many public buildings; you just pump the blue handle and catch the foam with your hand. But by replacing door handles, it puts the dispensers in a more convenient place where they're far more likely to get used.


When available later this year, the PullClean will sell for around $200, plus the cost of easy-to-swap refill cartridges. And while that seems expensive for what looks like just a pump, the PullClean dispensers actually contain electronics that keep tabs on how often the handles are used so a hospital can monitor their effectiveness. And they'll of course automatically report back when they're close to getting empty so they can be refilled in time to actually be useful. [PullClean via Freshome]