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It first started with the press release from yesterday. Then some talk from Apple employees. Now, it's official: Apple has dropped the space between 3G and S. (Yes, we know it's inconsequential, but follow us here.)


Apple's official product page listed the device as "iPhone 3G S" since the launch. Hell, the URL even had a space in it ( But now? All iPhone 3GS.


As for us, you'll notice that we've been calling it iPhone 3GS since the start, including our review. Because that's the logical way of doing things. Why have a space in there for no reason? It's ugly, makes the name hard to type and separates the S off too much, like a boil that's yet to be lanced. The space also induces a delay in pronunciation that makes it sound like "3G...ASS".

Our guess is that Steve Jobs came back from his liver transplant, saw the space, and had the whole company change their marketing materials just because he didn't like it. It's his old nitpicky self, and it's also a way of showing everyone he's still in charge—by making them go through the trouble of changing something as insignificant as a space.


So yeah, we're glad we stuck with the 3GS (no space) from the beginning. We're also glad Apple finally came around. [iPhone 3GS]

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