Sanyo Virus Washer System: Good Luck

There's nothing like playing up the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) factor to sell products, and that's probably what Sanyo is doing with its Virus Washer System, a group of five products that the company claims can remove airborne viruses and allergens using electrolyzed water. The products are said to "suppress" 99% of airborne viruses without any chemicals.

Excuse us, but we smell a rat here. If someone is infected with viruses, those creepy crawlies can be passed on in many different ways other than airborne methods. And that airborne virus filtering capability is suspect, too. Removing pollen, dust and even bacteria? Maybe, but viruses? Good luck reaching that 99% number.


No word on pricing of this suite of air filters, but they can't be cheap, and their effectiveness would be hard for consumers to prove and probably 99% psychological.

Product Page [Sanyo]

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