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In Celebration Of Floppy-Haired Fake Nerds: It's A Chuck Screening
10:00-11:00 The cast of Chuck is making a cameo at the Con which means Adam Baldwin. It also means more of Zachary Levi pretending he's crap with women and unattractive, plus the show creators. It's a good PG way to start your day — extra points if you bring Subway to share.
Where: Ballroom 20


Eastwick Witches Screening
10:15-11:15 ABC is hosting the Eastwick Pilot Screening with cast members Rebecca Romijn (X-Men), Lindsay Price (Lipstick Jungle), Jaime Ray Newman (Veronica Mars), and Paul Gross (Due South). Will the series have the three-way scene I'm looking for? No, probably not, but it might be cute. Worst case, just go to pester director/executive producer David Nutter from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles with, "why can't TSCC live again on Syfy?" questions. Seriously, why not?
Where Room 6A

Dune Talks
11:00-12:00 Let's talk about Dune with Frank Herbert's son Brian Herbert and co-author Kevin J. Anderson. I could talk about the spice for hours.
Where: Room 7AB

Lost: The Panel
11:00-12:00 Did you know this is the final season of Lost, so it's pretty much the last time we can ever go to a panel and try and weasel information out of the show creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. It says in the schedule for con the "questions will be answered" I'm holding you to it, guys. Also, everyone cross their fingers for a Ben cameo.
Where: Hall H

Family Guy Star Wars
11:15-12:00 Seth MacFarlane promises to talk some more about the next Family Guy Star Wars, hopefully it will be better than their Star Trek TNG, which had moments of greatness but hardly enough Trek.
Where: Ballroom 20

Aspen Comics
12:00-1:00 Aspen Universe and Beyond: "The Aspen Comics team of Frank Mastromauro (Dellec), Peter Steigerwald (Soulfire), Vince Hernandez (Dellec), Mark Roslan (Heroes), J.T. Krul (Fathom), David Wohl (EA: Iris), Joe Benitez (Soulfire), Micah Gunnell (Dellec), Ale Garza (Fathom), and Beth Sotelo (Soulfire) discuss the latest developments on exciting properties such as Fathom, Soulfire, Dellec, and Executive Assistant: Iris! Also, Aspen will reveal news on a brand new series on the horizon and much more! The Aspen crew will also hold a Q&A and all panel-goers will receive a one-of-a-kind Aspen Comics "San Diego Comic Con 2009 Panel Exclusive" limited-edition comic book available only to panel attendees! "
Where: Room 8

Indiana Jones Fan Meet Up
12:00-1:00 But the real question is, who's the jerk who's going to show up as Mutt?
Where: Room 24A


1:00-1:45 Ready your "Hell No, Bender Won't Go" Picket signs. Let your voices be heard and clap and cheer your support for the returning of this great cartoon, but let them know anyone who wants to trade out the original voices can bite my shiny metal... well, you know how it goes.
Where: Ballroom 20

Science Fiction & Fantasy Author Panel Discussion and Signing
8:00 PM, Get away from the convention center and get close with some of you favorite scifi authors including, Patrick Rothfuss, Kat Richardson, Rob Thurman, Thomas Sniegoski, Amber Benson, Seanan McGuire and Jeanne Stein.
Where: Borders' Books 668 6th Avenue


SteamPunk Meet Up
1:00-2:00 All our love to anyone who can get the Indiana Jones cosplayers to fight the SteamPunkers.
Where: Room 24A

Warehouse 13
2:15-3:15 Speaking of SteamPunk, Syfy's Warehouse 13 panel will have the cast and creators on hand to show new clips and talk about upcoming mysterious objects.
Where: Room 6A


2:45-3:45 The pilot screening of V. Can it live up to it's past legacy of green guinea pig-eating people? Find out and then let the cast and creators know.
Ballroom 20: Where

Zombieland And 2012 Panels
2:45-3:45 Sony Pictures: Zombieland and 2012. Get your fill of disaster, with a double panel featuring zombie fighters and the end of the world.
Where: Hall H


3:15-4:15 Tim Kring is going to show fans clips from the new series a few cast members will be in attendance. Can this be the season to pull Heroes out of the hole it has so sadly fallen into?
Where: Indigo Ballroom / Hilton Bayfront

4:00-5:00 A Fringe Screening WITH Walter Bishop, and it's not even my birthday! The entire cast is coming out for this along with Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci. Should make for a fun panel. Bring your own root beer float.
Where: Ballroom 20


Iron Man 2
4:00-5:00 Now that Iron Man 2 has wrapped, let's hope the cast and crew who attend the Paramount panel have some sexy Scarjo footage to screen.
Where: Hall H

True Blood
5:15-6:15 The cast of True Blood and show creators will be giving you a sneak peek into the new season. Wild vampire horses couldn't keep me away.
Where: Ballroom 20


The Venture Brothers
6:00-7:15 Adult Swim presents the funniest. show. on. television. The Venture Bros Panel. Jackson Publick (co-creator), Doc Hammer (co-creator), Jon Schnepp (co-director), James Urbaniak (voice of Dr. Venture) and Mike Sinterniklaas (voice of Dean Venture) discuss the hit animated Adult Swim series The Venture Bros. and give fans insight into the future of the series.
Where: Room 6DE

Lloyd Kaufman Gets Roasted
6:30-8:00 Troma Roas Lloyd Kaufman gets roasted by: Adam Green (Hatchet), and help from BFFs: Stan Lee (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four), Terry Jones (Monty Python's Flying Circus), Brian Pulido (Lady Death, Evil Ernie), Chad Gilbert (lead guitarist of New Found Glory), Richard Saperstein (John Q, Se7en), Batton Lash (Supernatural Law, Simpsons, Archie), Steven Paul (Ghost Rider), Penelope Spheeris (Decline of Western Civilization, Wayne's World), Ron Jeremy (Toxic Avenger: Citizen Toxie, Killing Zoe), Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2), Jim Salicrup (Marvel editor for Toxic Avenger, editor-in-chief Papercutz), Mick Garris (Stephen King's Desperation, The Stand, Sleepwalkers), JohnRieber (G4 senior VP), Jean Prewitt (chairman of The Independent Film Alliance), Tim Seeley (writer/artist/creator Hack/Slash), Alan C. Carroll and Mimi Cruz (Night Flight Comics), Brick & Tiger (One Shot Presents), and more! I want to go just to see Stan Lee attempt to say something bad about someone, impossible.
Where: Indigo Ballroom / Hilton Bayfront


Meet The Mythbusters!
7:15 The Mythbusters panel. Meet Adam, Jamie, Tory, and Grant, plus moderator and io9 friend Phil Plait. Ask them about how they duplicated Star Trek's infamous "gorn gun" stunt.
Where: Room 6BCF

8:45-1:30 Masquerade Party. This is kind of like getting your picture taken with a Stormtrooper, you must attend or view the Masquerade or you haven't really "done" comic con. It's a beautiful night of costume glory.
Where: Sails Pavilion




What??? You left off The Mythbusters panel? We'll have Adam, Jamie, Tory, and Grant, with moi (Phil Plait) moderating. It's Saturday at 7:15 in rooms 6BCF.