Save More Photos on Your iPhone Using This Storage App

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It’s not a great feeling when you frame a photo on your iPhone only to find out there’s not enough free storage space available to store it. IceCream is an iOS app that performs some under-the-hood trickery to give you more room for photos—thousands of them—without forcing you to delete any of your existing ones.


Essentially, IceCream compresses the images on your handset and beams the full resolution versions up to the cloud, free of charge, where you can download them later. It’s not all that different from services like Dropbox or iCloud, but this app is specifically focused on making sure you never run out of space and never see that “not enough storage” message in the future.

Head to the Account tab inside the app to see how much room for photos you have left and to free up space as necessary. The app’s developers have also added a number of extra social features that are less interesting, but the photo trickery alone makes IceCream worth a look.


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Fritz O' The Ham

iCloud does this if you enable it within your iphone to “optimize space”. My wife takes hundreds and hundreds of pictures with her iphone of our kids, and we kept running into the space issue. I searched through lots and lots of ways to solve the issue. In the end we just decided to bite the bullet and pay the $3 a month for 200GB of space on icloud. It’s been more or less flawless since then.