Scientists Are Using Anthrax to Cure Cancer

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"You need some anthrax" is probably not the diagnosis you'd like to hear from your family doctor; but if one MIT team has their way, that's exactly what's going to happen.

A MIT research team were apparently just sitting around one evening, and wondered what would happen if you used the anthrax bacteria to deliver antibody drugs into cells (because wondering about the effacity of using mass-murder drugs to heal people is totally a normal thing to wonder about).

The researcher's approach actually solves a serious medial dilemma though: antibody drugs have been developed, but delivering them into the right cells is always a struggle — unless, of course, you can hijack a deadly mass-murder weapon to do the heavy lifting.


The technique is currently being tested on mice, with human applications hopefully in the pipeline. [MIT]

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Too bad the government doesn't just administer these drugs. I doubt any major pharm companies would voice displeasure since they would out themselves as evil.