Scifi author spoils his entire book series for terminally ill fan

This is both heart-rending and wonderful. Nachu Bhatnagar is a huge fan of author Harry Turtledove's The War That Came Early alternate history novels. Sadly, Nachu also suffers from terminal cancer and may pass away this June.


His friend, Reddit user Kivakid, turned to that particular online community for help contacting Turtledove, so that Nachu could learn the end of his favorite series. And thanks to Reddit, Kikavid made contact with Turtledove — from his letter to the author:

It is my duty as a friend to do whatever I can to fulfill Nachu's last wishes. Is it at all possible for you to send him copies of the remaining books in the series? I understand the risks involved in sending an advance copy of your books to him and I understand the potential copyright issues and backlash from publishers. That said, my friend needs some good luck and kindness to balance out the awful stream he's been on, and I couldn't imagine a better person for it than his favorite author.

What happened next is pretty amazing. Nachu received an advance copy of Turtledove's next novel, which hits stores in July. The author also agreed to spoil the entire War series in a phone call (or possible face-to-face meeting) with Nachu. Watch the unveiling of this scheme above, and pack a handkerchief.

[Via Galleycat]


Annalee Newitz

Such a great story. A friend of mine, a big John Scalzi fan, was recently diagnosed with a very advanced case of lung cancer. John Scalzi was kind enough to share his forthcoming novel REDSHIRTS with him before he died.