Scosche Now Has Lightning Accessories for Damn Near Any Situation

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Think about anything you need to do regarding your gadget charging needs. Need to power an iPhone 5? What about a fourth-gen iPad? An Android phone? Some weird gadget with a strange USB port? Need to charge at home? In the car? Hate tangled cables? Scosche has addressed all of these scenarios with its latest line of charging accessories.


The auto-friendly StrikeDrive, wall-hugging StrikeBase and retractable StrikeLine accessories range in price from $25-$50 and come in varying configurations: 5 watts or 12 watts, one USB port or two. They don't look so great, but they do guarantee that you can charge the vast majority of personal electronics out there. Expect to see them some time early next year. [Scosche via MacRumors]


What I REALLY need is an adapter to go from the old school apple firewire connector to the lightning connector - because quite frankly, it's getting to be a little silly - I'm sure if I removed my radio I could swap out the cable for a new one (it connects from the back), but I don't wanna!

So instead I currently have a firewire cable coming from my car radio, into a scosche passport (that brings it to the modern 30-pin), and then a 30 pin to lightning adapter on top of that.