Ghostface Plays a Deadly Game of Chutes & Ladders in New Scream VI Teaser

Of course, by "chutes," I mean "falling several flights into a New York City alley after being stabbed by a serial killer."

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A woman crawls across a ladder between two NYC apartment windows while a killer watches.
Screenshot: Paramount

There’s only a little more than a month before the sixth installment of the Scream franchise stalks its way into New York City and theaters, but no movie with a generously-sized budget would miss the chance to promote itself during what sponsors have to generically call “the big game.” But rather than discuss the mystery of the new Ghostface(s?), this new teaser focuses on a single scene—and a single ladder.

Alternatively, this could be a rather overzealous advertisement about the importance of fire escapes:

Scream VI | Big Game Spot (2023 Movie)

In Scream VI, the four remaining survivors—played by Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding, and Jenna Ortega—of the recent reboot, Scream V, head to NYC where they run into OG franchise survivors played by Hayden Panettiere and Courteney Cox. Based on this and previous trailers, it doesn’t seem like it works out well for anyone.


Scream VI hits theaters on March 10.

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