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Screw Dredd, watch the entire fan-made movie Judge Minty right now

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Who needs sexy Karl Urban's scowl when you have Judge Minty? The retired Judge who would rather die in a blaze of justice than retire now has his own movie. And it's awesome.

We've been excited about Judge Minty for months. Here's your chance to watch it!


The film based around the character named Judge Minty (originally created by John Wagner and Mick McMahon). Minty is forced to retire from his days of sentencing and kicking ass, because he was deemed too nice. Instead of moving to Mega-City One's version of Florida Minty chooses "The Long Walk" into the forbidden radioactive wasteland of Earth. Judge Minty picks up on this retired Judge's journey into no man's land.

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