Seagate Rolls Out Hybrid Drive, Nine More

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Seagate announced a boatload of hard drives today, with 10 rolled out in all. The highlight of the wave of announcements was the Momentus 5400 PSD, a 160GB hybrid drive that's set to ship in the first quarter of 2007 and is destined for Microsoft Vista-running notebooks.

The 2.5 inch drive will spin at 5400RPM, and it will be available with your choice of 128MB or 256MB of flash memory on board. That flash chip will have often-accessed data on it, and Seagate says it will reduce boot times by around 20%. Another great benefit is that it will let your notebook's battery last from 5% to 15% longer. Plus, the drive should be more durable because all those moving parts can be parked while the flash memory is accessed.

Other notable intros were an 8GB pocket drive, a 160GB drive with full disk encryption, a 750GB Barracuda ES, a 60GB 1.8-inch perpendicular-recording drive for handhelds, and the LD25.2, a 750GB disk destined for the HDTV media center market.


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