Second-Gen iPod nano Parts Cheaper, Less Power-Hungry

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There's more than meets the eye with Apple's newest iPod nano, and the iSuppli Corp. Teardown Analysis service says that Apple has "remastered" the $199 4GB music player's bill of materials cost to $72.24, down from the $89.97 parts cost for the first-generation 2GB nano.

The most significant new part is a Samsung system-on-a-chip (SoC) based on a ARM Ltd. processor, which also incorporates a flash disk controller that required a separate part before. The result? Lower cost and power savings, too. ISuppli saw no such parts substitutions in the new version of the video-enabled iPod, noting that the only difference was a brighter screen.


Apple Delivers More For Less With New iPod Nano [iSuppli]

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