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Secrets Of The Joker's Scruples And Wall-E's Weird Humans

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

An early review of the Batman film The Dark Knight includes a bushel of new spoilers - including the one person the Joker can't kill. Also, a new interview and featurette give new insights into what's ailing the human race in Wall-E's dystopian future. And a crucial character you haven't seen in the Star Wars: Clone Wars trailers will be putting in an appearance after all. There's also a new Doctor Who clip showing a host of returning characters, and some incredibly minor Transformers 2 news. Plus what to expect from The Middleman, Kyle XY, Chuck, Stargate: Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica.


A new interview with WALL-E director Andrew Stanton includes some new spoilers. In the film, humanity has gotten so pampered that people are totally disconnected from each other, using technology all the time and avoiding personal encounters. Says Stanton:

I thought, what if technology got so advanced that everything that makes us have to get up and survive has been figured out—longevity, health, food. So all you're doing is living in a perpetual vacation for all life with not point of living. So I thought that perfectly put humanity in a state where it would only help WALL*E look like he's the only person or the only thing truly living in the universe.


In an earlier draft of the script, humans were just huge see-through non-speaking blobs due to bone-loss, but then Stanton ended up with a "big baby" look instead. [Ain't It Cool News]

And here's a new WALL-E featurette that includes a smidgen of new footage:

The Dark Knight:

Rolling Stone posted an early review of The Dark Knight (it rules) and included a few spoilers. When the movie starts, Bruce Wayne is fed up with being Batman, especially since the public thinks he's a vigilante. He's happy to leave the crime-fighting stuff to District Attorney Harvey Dent, whom he's trying to keep from moving in on his girl, Rachel Dawes. Bruce's butler Alfred harbors a secret that could crush Bruce's spirit. And Lucius Fox finds his own standards being compromised.


The Joker tells Batman: "I don't want to kill you. You complete me." And he means it. The Joker prefers to kill using a knife, so he can savor the moment. And (as you may have seen in the trailers) he says "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stranger." Another Jokerism: "I choose chaos." The Joker wants Batman to choose chaos as well. (Shades of The Killing Joke, where the Joker tries to drive Jim Gordon as crazy as he is. And in fact, in Dark Knight, the Joker targets Gordon because he's the ultimate good cop.)

And finally, a brutal death is what pushes Harvey Dent over the edge into becoming Two-Face. (Does anybody think this death isn't Rachel's? Who else could it be: Commissioner Loeb?) [Rolling Stone]


Star Wars: Clone Wars:

IGN has a few details about the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series, which debuts as a movie this August before moving to the Cartoon Network. As you may have gathered, gangster Jabba the Hutt threatens to launch a clan war against the Jedi unless they get his kidnapped son back. Also, Anakin Skywalker's squeeze Padme will show up. Also, it's explained that Asajj Ventress didn't die during her showdown with Anakin in the previous Clone Wars animated series - she was just badly injured. But she got better. The new series includes a tentacled spaceship that "swims" through space. Oh, and the film includes some smoking, according to the ratings board. [IGN]


Transformers 2:

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen may include a cameo by Beetlejuice, aka Lester Green, a regular on the Howard Stern Show. And comedian Kim Whitley also has a small role. [Ain't It Cool News and IESB]


Doctor Who:

Here's another clip from Saturday's episode of time-travel action comedy Doctor Who, showing what happens when the Dalek fleet aproaches Earth and all the Doctor's old crew start picking up a scary message:


Also, you'll be shocked to hear that ageless rogue Captain Jack hits on Sarah Jane Smith, the Doctor's sexiest ex-companion. Not only that, but they hold hands when they first meet Davros. Aw! Actually, I wonder if there's a moment that acknowledges hat Sarah Jane knew Davros back when he was young and sorta cute. And meanwhile, this season's final two-parter may be Sarah Jane's final meeting with the Doctor, says actor Elisabeth Sladen. [Doctor Who Magazine via Doctor Who Online]

Battlestar Galactica:

Battlestar Galactica producer David Weddle, who co-wrote the midseason finale, seems to think they found Earth, judging from a new interview. Also, there's more talk of Ron Moore's series finale being split into two or even three episodes. The Sci Fi Channel confirms the episode has overrun its time constraints, and they're evaluating different options. [SyFyPortal]



Some more info on a couple of guest-stars that we'd mentioned for Chuck season two. First, remember that storyline about the jocks from the sporting goods store who turn the home theater dept. at Buy More into their own personal lunch/game room, until Morgan has to go confront them? Turns out Super Bowl champion Michael Strahan plays Mitt, the sporting-goods store manager, and he did such a great job he may become a recurring character.


And then there's the former high school classmate of Sarah's who spills some of her secrets. She'll be played by Nicole Ritchie, and she's a "snarky and spiteful girl" who tortured Sarah in high school. According to People Magazine, Sarah "must face her fears when she's forced to attend her high-school reunion" on a mission with Chuck as her date. Nicole will be "diabolically evil and kick some butt." [Chuck TV]

Kyle XY:

Am I the only person who was crushed that superpowered teen show Kyle XY didn't come back for the summer? In any case, season three (which starts in January) picks up right where season two left off, at the prom. (And it's only planned as 10 episodes right now.) [TV Guide]


Stargate Atlantis:

The 100th episode of Stargate: Atlantis may take place in Vegas, as rumored, and may explore "the best of both worlds - or galaxies as the case may be." (Borg reference? We'll see.) [TV Guide again]


The Middleman:

In the July 7 episode of ABC Family's superhero show The Middleman, a rich socialite goes missing, and the Middleman and Wendy investigate the world of plastic-surgery addiction. They discover that someone is hunting a group of exiled aliens whose only vice is a compulsion to get cosmetic surgery. Meanwhile, Wendy's upset that Ben (her sorta boyfriend) posted their breakup video online. And she has to avoid Lacey her roommate, who is channeling her inner therapist. (Finally, an episode about aliens instead of demons!) [Middlefan]