Security Guards Shoot and Kill Apple Store Burglar

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Even if you want an iPad 2, like, really really bad, you should not try to steal one! According to local news stations, a private security guard shot and killed one of three burglars attempting to pull off a smash and grab job at an Apple Store in an outdoor mall in Chula Vista, California this morning. So, see, not worth it. The trio smashed the store's glass doors around 6:45 this monring, before the location was open for business, and private security guards, who apparently carry guns, exchanged gunfire with the two male burglars, killing one and injuring the other. He and a third female accomplice were reportedly apprehended later this morning. Chill out, everyone! [San Diego 6 via Mac Rumors]


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DISCUSSION guards in the US have guns?? This is really really sad. No one should have to die for a bunch of iPads. What has the world come to?! Here in Sweden we don't even have ANY capital punishment, and guess what. Our crime levels are one of the lowest in the world.