Illustration for article titled Segas E.M.A. Robot Is a Brazen Minx, Has a Glamorous Body, Also Kind of a Slut

We've seen midget-sized female robots coming out of Japan for a little while, but Sega Toys' Eternal, Maiden, Actualization (E.M.A.) robot seems like the most fully featured one yet. Or at least the sluttiest. The bot is 38 cm tall, has a "glamorous body," can hand out business cards, walk "like a lady," and even kiss you when you stick your face close enough to hers. Sega's marketing this toward adults (obviously) and will charge $175 each. Not too bad, actually, considering a few months with this and the confidence builder DVD, you'll be able to know what it feels like to be a socially awkward Japanese teenager. [Sega Toys via Crunchgear]


Update: Robert from Robots Rule tells us that it's just a localized version of the Femisapien, which we've covered before.

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