SegaToys Brain Checker Flirts With Your Prefrontal Cortex

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The SegaToys Brain Checker is a handheld game that allows you to get your gray matter flexing. Given the Japanese content of the source, we are not too sure what the Brain Checker will actually involve, but derivations of Dr. Kawashima's Brain Age games are to be expected. From the screenshots available, the game will involve picture and number based puzzles on a pocket sized LCD screen, which will attempt to get your prefrontal cortex all hot and sweaty.


However, you may not want to organize an import, which will set you back 5,775 ($51), just yet. According to new research, fresh out of Mark's very own brain, taking a 25-minute walk/day is actually more beneficial than solving puzzles from dusk till dawn. The research is actually spearheaded by Art Kramer, who states there is no conclusive evidence for any slowing of the brain's aging with use of such video games. Hey, what the hell? It's not going to make you any more of a gargantuan douche, right? [Product Page (Japanese Link), via Technabob]


I vote more for parietal lobe stimulation versus prefrontal cortex stimulation.

Unless, while playing the game, it beat me and I was trying to decide whether or not to throw it to the ground in a fit of rage.