Self-Healing iPhone Cases Could Save Your Clumsy Ass

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If you're a clumsy, phone-dropping fool, you either have a very scratched phone or a very scratched phone case. But this scratch-proof case from Nissan (yes, that Nissan) saves the klutzes of this world from their fumbling.

The new phone cases are based on technology developed by Nissan and the University of Tokyo back in 2005, report Ubergizmo. They use a coating made from polyrotaxane: when the surface acquires a small scratch, its chemical structure reacts and changes back to its original shape, effectively filling the gap the scratch made. In other words, it heals.

Now Nissan has used the material in an an iPhone case, which it launched over the weekend at an automotive show in Dubai. It's in beta release (I've never heard of a phone case being in beta, either...), and is being tested by Nissan customers and journalists. For now, then, you'll just have to keep trying to avoid losing your phone to the pavement. Good luck with that. [Ubergizmo; Image: auxexis]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

When you scratch the case though, aren't you physically removing material from it? Where does this filler 'healing' material come from?

Also, what they really need to do is apply this to the phones themselves. I don't care if a case gets scratched, that's actually what it's there for IMO.