Semi-Rugged Panasonic Laptops

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More Toughbooks from Panasonic, though these are actually more "semi-rugged" rather than the fully rugged flavor. The Toughbook T4 and W4 both use a 1.2-GHz Intel Pentium M processor and have 512MB of DDR2-400 as standard, expandable to 2GB. Other features include a 40GB hard drive, a 12.1-inch 1024 x 768 XGA screen, Intel a/b/g WiFi, and XP Pro, but the T4 weighs in at 3.4 pounds while the W4 is only 2.8lb. The company claims the T4 has 9.5 hours of battery life and the W4 can run for over 6 hours. Starting price for these laptops is $2000.

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