Senz Aerodynamic Umbrella Breaks Wind Without the Smell

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The Senz Umbrella looks like it was designed in a wind tunnel, mimicking that odd shape of racing cyclists' helmets that smoothly cuts through the wind. It won't turn inside out, and also gives you better visibility as you walk through the rain. Plus, its canopy is attached to its struts without those pointy protrusions that might poke an eye out.

Add this asymmetrical design to the pantheon of umbrella innovation we've been seeing in the past year, and you have yourself a veritable umbrella renaissance. Maybe some propellerhead will add a weather forecaster to the handle of this one. Check out the Euro-video of the Senz Umbrella:


The Senz Umbrella will ship mid-month in two sizes, the original black edition ($65), and the Senz Mini Black ($52).

Product Page [Senz Umbrellas, via Sci Fi Tech]


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