We've seen what those hoity-toities at Frog Design think McDonald's will look like in 2020. Now it's your turn to show us the grotesque, inevitable future of fast food. UPDATE: Frog Design is guest judging!


So take the grossest (and most delicious) parts of fast food culture and fuse them with the most promising technologies of tomorrow. Send your best entries to us at contests@gizmodo.com with Fast Food Future in the subject line. Save your files as JPGs or GIFs under 800k in size, and use a FirstnameLastname.jpg naming convention using whatever name you want to be credited with. Send your work to me by next Tuesday morning, and we'll pick three top winners and show off the rest of the best in our Gallery of Champions. Make some amazing stuff to help us give up that much more on the general course of humanity.

UPDATE: Frog Design, so amused by the comments, offered their services as guest judges for this contest. Yeah, that's right—we're all suddenly feeling extremely under-qualified. Don't embarrass us!