Servicing a Classic Omega Watch Is Like Watching Mechanical Brain Surgery

Smartwatches might finally be outselling traditional mechanical watches, but that doesn’t mean Swiss watchmakers are going away anytime soon.


The legendary horological creations from Switzerland are mechanical masterpieces. And watching the 234 components inside this Omega Speedmaster that Hodinkee filmed getting serviced is an amazing behind-the-scenes peek inside a watch that’s as much a gadget as it is a work of art.

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These are undeniably amazing little gizmos, but I’m really glad they’re being classified as jewelry. They’re adornments and status symbols, obsolete and hideously overcomplicated for virtually any practical purpose.

One of the thin arguments I’ve heard for good mechanical watches is that they last forever, helping to justify their price. It never occurred to me that on top of that initial purchase price an owner might have to pay for hours of a skilled technician like this one’s time.

And to think that some people have a dozen of these things. there really is such a thing as having too much money.