Sesame Street's Parody of Stranger Things Is Better Than the Original

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Sesame Street’s parodies have always been delightful, but the show’s riff on Stranger Things is honestly some next-level awesomeness.

It’s damn near impossible to describe all of the ways the parody absolutely nails the original—those wigs, those teeth, those slightly differently-colored Ghostbusters costumes, but Sesame Street’s send-up of Winona Ryder’s performance as Joyce Byers is transcendent. Like all of Sesame Street’s parodies, Sharing Things is fundamentally about teaching kids how to be good people. But the sketch also goes the extra mile by being stuffed full of clever winks and nods that are just obvious enough to make for the kind of jokes that land perfectly, regardless of whether you’ve actually seen the show.

Also, poor Barb.