Seth Rogen Is Woz

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Variety is reporting that Seth Rogen's got the part as Woz in Jobs, the upcoming Aaron Sorkin-penned take on the Apple icon. Christian Bale had already been cast in the title role, and this new addition... it's surprising, but kinda great.


Danny Boyle of Slumdog Millionaire, 28 Days Later, and Trainspotting fame will direct the drama—which at one point was going to be a David Fincher affair—and it sounds like the whole film will offer a somewhat unconventional approach to the life of this tech icon.

Sorkin told Business Insider earlier this year: "It's not a biopic." Okay! So, that already sets it apart from the Ashton Kutcher joint. But also: "It's not the story of Steve Jobs—it's something much different than that." It's been rumored that the whole film will be three looong backstage scenes set right before big product launches, so maybe that means an epic walk-and-talk sequence that spans the full feature-length?

I know some folks had their heart set on Jonah Hill, but I'm down with Rogen. Woz, we know you're out there: What say you? [Variety]


The Working Dead

Really? This makes me want James Franco as Steve Jobs instead of Christian Bale.