Sexist Disney Cartoons, Agnostic Front Live from CBGB, and Exploding Mini-Meth Labs

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Agnostic Front Live from CBGB

Did you hear? CBGB's owners are raising money and looking for a new venue to reopen! Happy day!


Portable Meth Lab Explodes In a Guy's Pants While Running From the Cops

Say want you will about stoner ingenuity, but I don't see a lot of potheads rolling around with portable grow labs. Just sayin'

Disney cartoons From the '40s Are Way More Sexist than I Remember

Then again, Warner Brothers was putting out stuff like "Bugs Nips the Nips" (look it up) at that point so it's not like Disney was the only asshole in the room.


Miller Lite's Punch Top Can Is a Shotgunner's Delight


How Not to Sake Bomb

No, no, no. the booze goes in your mouth, not on your pants.