Portable Meth Lab Explodes In a Guy's Pants While Running From the Cops

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David Williams' Friday got off to a rocky start when the toxic brew of crystal methamphetamine he was cooking in his pants exploded. See that picture up there? That's what Williams was cooking in.

The fiasco started when Williams was pulled over early this morning by Oklahoma Highway Patrol. It was supposed to be just a routine traffic stop, but the officer questioned Williams about the weird chemical smell emanating from his car. KOTV reports:

The OHP says Williams, 54, then took off running, but the trooper caught him and a struggle ensued.

"After a brief struggle it was determined there was an active meth lab in his pants that burst during the struggle and got all over his body," said OHP trooper Shiloh Hall.

Medical personnel checked out Williams and the road was closed so emergency crews could clean up the scene.


From the looks of the video it appears Williams was cooking up a little personal stash of meth in a one-pot meth lab. His highly-sophisticated gear consists of a plastic water bottle. The process is as simple as shake and bake: drop all of the chemicals into the container, turn it upside down, and let the various heinous substances work their magic. It's cheap, it's easy, and as we can see here, it's really dangerous.


Not only was Williams cooking up the stupidest drug in the world, he was making it in the stupidest possible way. No word on Williams condition, but we sure hope all that meth running down his leg don't do any permanent damage. [KOTV]