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Sharp Aquos 32" 1080p TV: Overkill?

Illustration for article titled Sharp Aquos 32 1080p TV: Overkill?

Sharp adds to its lineup of 1080p TVs with a couple of 32-inchers with your choice of speakers on the bottom (LC-32GS10) or on either side of the screen (LC-32GS20). Like other Sharp Aquos TVs, this one brings the serious specs, claiming a 2000:1 contrast ratio, along with two HDMI ports out back. This is the first Sharp HDTV at such a relatively small screen size with a resolution of 1080p, also known as "full HDTV."


But wait, isn't 1080p overkill when you're talking about a 32-inch screen size? Don't get us wrong; we're big fans of 1080p resolution, but when you get down to a screen size less than around 42 inches, 1080p is hardly necessary or even detectable unless you're going to be sitting just a few feet away from the set. Better get some new glasses so you can have 20/10 vision in both eyes if you're thinking these 32-inch Aquos sets' $2399 price is worth it.

Here's another pic and a great deal on a 720p Sharp 32-inch HDTV, a much smarter choice:

Illustration for article titled Sharp Aquos 32 1080p TV: Overkill?

Pssst! Save your money and pick up a highly regarded and top-rated 32-inch Sharp 720p HDTV for $899.

Sharp offer their first 32" Full HD TV [Akihabara News]


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Having seen Charlie's house in the helicopter vid, I can understand the disdain for smaller screens. However, if you're living in an apartment, especially in a big city, the 32" can be overpowering and counterproductive. Imagine sitting at your desk, and watching a DVD on a 30" monitor — you would have to physically move your eyeballs to track the actors' faces!

I agree with the first two posters, I just wanted to throw in that this is a Japanese market TV, and there is actually a market for this. Even a large and relatively expensive house in Japan often leaves only enough room for a viewing distance of 6-8 feet from the couch.

And with the Playstation 3 out now, it shouldn't be too hard to see a market for 1080p sets that will be used in small, cramped apartments.