Sharp's Full Face 2 Cellphone Brings iNevitable Comparisons

The Full Face 2 reminds me of another phone but, in my humble opinion, Sharp's slim cell looks better from the front than the iPhone does. Beyond its appealing looks, however, it doesn't heat up the competition all that much. The display is a 3.2-inch multi-touch-less LCD (480 x 854), it has a 3.2MP camera, micro SDHC support, totes HSDPA, a 1Seg TV tuner that will be all but useless in the States, and will be available in either black, soft pink, champagne gold, white or ice blue. The Full Face 2 is a Japan-only release—I can't believe I got to put the words "full," "face" and "release" in the same sentence without making it naughty. Bravo, Sharp. [Akihabara News]


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