Sharp's Glassesless 3D Phone Will Hit the US Next Year

Illustration for article titled Sharps Glassesless 3D Phone Will Hit the US Next Year

Not just the US, but China and India as well. They haven't said which glassesless 3D phone it'll be, but we've gone on the record as saying their 3D isn't too bad. You know, for a novelty. [Mainichi via 3D-Display-Info]


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People said a cell phone was a novelty.

People said motion controls was a novelty.

People said unions were a novelty.

People said HDTVs were a novely.

People say 3D is a novelty.

Fact is, it's a progression in technology and it WILL become the norm whether you are one of the bitter people sticking with old tech or embracing new tech.

Or a middle man like me embracing new tech, but not with my very empty wallet. lol

3D will explore as soon as someone can make glasses free HDTVs for your living room, or at least 3D TVs that don't come with those stupid $200 glasses. Just the cheap ones used in theaters.

And what can you do with 3D? Well games, picture, video, movies, chat, UI features so on and so forth. Heck I'm not even that creative, I'm sure people can find some awesome uses for 3D in a mobile device.

The future is SCARY! lol