Watch the Glassesless 3D Android Smartphone In Action

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Sharp's 003SH 3D Android phone doesn't require any goofy glasses. But can it still deliver a satisfying 3D experience? Kat sure thought so, and this video seems to back her up.

Even without the 3D, the Sharp device (here called the LYNX 3D SH-03C) seems like a potent handset: 1GHz processor, 9.6MP CCD camera with 720p recording, a digital TV tuner, 3.8-inch touchscreen. But all you're really going to care about is a display that converts 2D pictures to 3D with the touch of a button. That's what's got me jealous of those lucky folks in Japan who actually get a chance to buy this thing next month. [Diginfonews via MobileCrunch]