Sharp's Megapixel Madness

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Bigger equals better. This is America, it's our credo. And unfortunately, most consumers believe this with everything, including megapixels in a digital camera. So, giving the masses more of what they want, Sharp has announced a whopping 10 megapixel CCD sensor, promising to deliver images with a resolution of 3766 x 2801 pixels.

But according to one analyst, according to the folks at TG Daily not everything bigger is necessarily better. Chris Chute, Senior Analyst for IDC had this to say about the gig-undo new technology:

As more pixels are crammed into a CCD sensor, less light is available to hit each pixel. New technologies such as noise reduction, better signal processing and micro mirrors/lens have reduced noise and distortion, but small sensors are still limited by simple physics. The new Sharp CCD has a total sensor space of approximately 38 square millimeters. More expensive cameras such as the Canon 1DS Mark II and high-end Nikons have full-frame sized sensors that are sized 36 by 24 millimeters or about 864 square millimeters.


So, yes, the whole 5-megapixel thing was good. It made consumers take notice and bolstered the market. But 10? Uh uh. Over the top Sharp.

Update: That quote was mis-attributed to IDC analyst Chris Chute. Sincere apologies for the mistake!

Sharp's 10 megapixel CCD sensor a sign of retail marketing reality - analyst [tgdaily]

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