No, She-Hulk Wasn't Lying About Captain America's Sex Life

She-Hulk's head writer Jessica Gao explains that the end credits scene came from Kevin Feige

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Captain America does what?
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Yes, what you heard in the credits scene of She-Hulk is true. And it came from the mind of Kevin Feige.

The first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law quickly establishes itself as something new and different in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among the innovations are the fact it deals with or at least discusses things most MCU properties just wouldn’t talk about. Things the fans talk about.

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The first example is set up in early in the episode when Jen Walters (Tatiana Maslany) is telling her cousin Bruce (Mark Ruffalo) her theory as to why Captain America, Steve Rogers, is a virgin. But before that conversation can conclude, well, Jen’s life changes forever.

However, just when you thought the topic was dropped, the episode’s mid-credits scene brings it back. (Yes, there’s a mid-credits scene. In fact, all four of the episodes we’ve seen have them.) We flash back to the cousins in Mexico. Bruce and Jen are drinking and, well, Bruce tells Jen the truth about big Cap and his little Cap.


During a recent press junket, io9 sat down with She-Hulk’s head writer and executive producer Jessica Gao to ask her how she was able to get such frank discussion into She-Hulk, and she let us know where that final, key piece of information came from. Here’s the video.

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Answering MCU’s Taboos

So yes. It was Kevin Feige who not only didn’t discourage Gao from exploring the sex life of Captain America—he also supplied the very specific bit of information that Cap lost his virginity in 1943 on the USO Tour. Also, that he was okay—obviously—with the amazing, meme-worthy “Captain America fucks!” scream that ends the scene. Oh, and Cap himself enjoyed it.


Plus, that’s not it. As hinted at in the interview, Cap’s first time won’t be the last time fan-favorite topics are going to be discussed on She-Hulk. Future episodes will touch on the job perks of being an Avenger, as well as very frank, very funny conversations about 2008's The Incredible Hulk, a film that’s absolutely esstential to this show, as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but is rarely discussed because it stars Edward Norton instead of Mark Ruffalo. Who knows what else could be coming down the line too?


But for now, we not only know that Captain America fucked, but we know when and where. Whether we needed to know that is another conversation entirely. Check back soon for more She-Hulk.

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