"Shiver" To Prove Werewolves Make Better Lovers

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Werewolf Jacob may lose out to vampire Edward in the Twilight series, but the lycanthropic love story will soon have its day. Plans are underway for a big-screen adaptation of new werewolf romance Shiver, again thrusting werewolves into the limelight.


Variety reports that Unique Features plans to adapt the teen romance, written by Maggie Stiefvater. Shiver, which is part of a planned trilogy, was released just this August, but has already spent six weeks on the bestseller list, scoring with that popular formula of an isolated girl who develops an apparently doomed romance with a supernatural being.

The protagonist Grace was saved in her childhood by a yellow-eyed wolf who turns out to be Sam, a young lycanthrope who spends the spring and summer as a human, but becomes a wolf as the months get colder. On top of that, werewolves spend less time as humans as they age. Naturally, the pair fall in love and seek to keep Sam from reverting to his animal form for good.

Lovers of the supernatural may be eternally crazy for vampires, but with a remake of The Wolfman well underway and MTV's shot at a drama-filled Teen Wolf, it looks like we'll be seeing some fur with our fangs, at least for awhile.




This does make me hopeful that someone will option my book into a movie.

Its called Quiver. Its about a Hope, an average girl who is a bit of a loner, who falls in love with a mysteriously charming young man. It turns out he is actually a teenage Great Old One.

Naturally, they fall in love as he opens her mind to the unknowable abyss beyond the possibility of human reason. It will be the feel good movie of the year.