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Short film: Having a one-minute time machine is hilariously useful

Here’s the problem with time travel, we always dream too big and think about going back in time to see dinosaurs (they’ll eat you) or gladiators (they’ll kill you) or other important moments in history (they’ll all be racist). Fact: Life sucked back then! You wouldn’t want to go back. It’s way better to go back one minute at a time so you can fix all your mistakes, like a ctrl-Z for life.

One-Minute Time Machine is a short film directed by Devon Avery. It’s a story about a guy trying to get a girl with the assistance of his one-minute time machine box. It’s quirky and funny and dark and a clever take on time travel.


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Chamomiles Davis

Is there a time machine that skips five seconds into the future so I can blow past those annoying pop-up video ads?