Should People Be Allowed to Make Phone Calls on Planes?

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There's been debate for years about whether people should be allowed to use their cellphones on planes. And with safety concerns diminishing, we've collectively moved on to other grievances: namely how annoying it will be to listen to five different phone conversations at once while trapped in a small, airborne pod.

Bloomberg laid out a bunch of different opinions earlier this week, but I for one don't really care. People talk loudly with their travel companions as it is and flying (in normal seats, who even knows about those awesome first class cocoons) isn't exactly a luxurious experience anyway. I wouldn't mind sacrificing some quiet to be able to use my phone myself. Do you think there would be enough social pressure on planes to remind people to keep it down, or will tired travelers be barraged by an endless soundtrack of Chatty Cathy-s? Raise your voice below.