Should You Keep Your Old iPhone on iOS 5 for Google Maps?

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We've seen the differences between Apple Maps and Google Maps before. We know that Apple Maps, as pretty as they may be, is not as data intensive nor does it have the public transit directions of Google Maps. So if you're not getting the iPhone 5, should you not upgrade to iOS 6 also? Because if you stay on iOS 5, you can keep Google Maps on your iPhone.

It's obviously a case-by-case decision but I don't think iOS 6 is the automatic upgrade other iOS versions have been. If you're a driver and want turn-by-turn directions, Apple Maps will probably be good for you, so sure, update ahead! But if you're an iPhone 4 owner who's Siri-less and lives in a big city and relies on public transportation directions, there's nothing too appealing on iOS 6 that warrants losing Google Maps. Seriously.


Check out the feature list of iOS 6, no feature is as compelling as iCloud or Notification Center or iMessage or the App Store from previous iOS versions. Sure, there are improvements overall but I'm pretty sure I won't be losing any sleep about the lack of Facebook integration or Mail VIPs or iCloud tabs in Safari on iOS 5. So yeah, if you're getting an iPhone 5 you have no choice, your phone will be on iOS 6. But if you're not upgrading, I think the smart move is to wait and see what happens with iOS Google Maps from Google before you get excited for iOS 6. What do you guys think?

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I'm upgrading immediately. An important thing to remember is that Google has committed to bringing the full Google Maps experience to iOS, so soon they'll put that app on the App Store much like they did with YouTube.

Also, people not upgrading on purpose is bad for the ecosystem and makes it harder for developers in the long run.