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A Social Worker's Case Turns Supernatural in the Spooky They Live in the Grey Trailer

Directed by Burlee and Abel Vang, the horror film hits Shudder on February 17.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A woman stares straight ahead with wide eyes and a terrified look on her face.
When your latest investigation goes way off the rails...
Image: Shudder

A social worker shows up to investigate an alleged case of child abuse, only to discover something far more supernatural is to blame. Fortunately for the family, the social worker also happens to be able to see dead people. But at what price? That’s the set-up for They Live in the Grey, a new Shudder Original that just dropped a spooky trailer.

Based on that trailer, it’s a little murky as to why the family is being targeted, but you definitely get a clear sense that the social worker is going into this haunted by things that’ve happened in her own life—and that she’s not exactly thrilled to be embracing her psychic gifts.

They Live in the Grey is written and directed by brothers Burlee and Abel Vang, and stars Michelle Krusiec along with Ken Kirby, Ellen Wroe, and Madelyn Grace. “Most horror films with Asian leads are foreign films,” the Vang Brothers said in a Shudder press release. “We’re proud and excited to tell an Asian-American horror story—something you don’t often see. We can’t imagine a better partner than Shudder to help us bring this Asian-American narrative to the horror genre.”

They Live in the Grey premieres February 17 on Shudder.

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